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Dealing with relationship or marital issues?
Having difficulties in adapting life changes?

We can help you through providing family therapy, developmental guidance and vocational advice. There are hopes of rebuilding your relationships and feeling settled again.

Is pain from the past or worries about the future making it difficult to enjoy the present?

We are willing to listen to what you have been dealing with behind closed doors. Healing takes time, but eventually you can embrace all the joy in life again.

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Our Aim

To provide counseling services to those in need throughout the lifespan focusing on developing wellness of the whole person

Mr. King Wai Leung, Frank

Founder & Director
Care & Beyond - Wellness Services

Registered Counseling PsychologistHong Kong Psychological Society

Associate Fellow – Hong Kong Psychological Society

Registered Supervisor – Australian Counseling Association

Life member – Hong Kong Mental Health Association

Member – Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association

Founder and Director of Care & Beyond-Wellness Services

Our Services

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

You will work one-on-one with our psychologists to help you combat with persistent depression or anxiety, eating or sleeping disturbances, ruminations or intrusive memory experiences, attachment problems, as well as foster personal growth and obtain greater self-knowledge.


Being assigned homework of applying skills learnt in therapy to everyday life, you and your partners can gain insight into the relational dynamics maintaining the problems, express emotions more freely, develop skills crucial to communication and settle disputes together effectively.


You and your family members can express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, understand and appreciate each other’s experiences, views and needs. Sometimes, our psychologists will utilize Family-Based Treatment for children and adolescents with psychiatric illnesses.


If you’ve felt alone or intimidated by traditional therapy sessions, we encourage you to try one of our group sessions. You will get support from one another by sharing and listening to unique stories and receiving guidance from our psychologists.​


Our psychologists provide cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused life coaching, which helps you lessen self-defeated behaviours, overcome troublesome emotions and procrastination, become more assertive and handle criticism constructively.

Training Workshops

Our psychologists offer employee development training workshops for corporations, such as on stress management to increase efficiency, avoid burnout and employee depression, one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace today.


Our psychologists hold talks for primary, secondary schools and colleges. Some of the themes are related to increasing students' motivation, developing good stress and emotional management, and how teachers and parents can help them attain optimal growth.

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