Ms. Shui Fun Law, Josephine

Professional Qualifications

Registered Psychologist (Clinical Psychology)
- Hong Kong Psychological Society

- Australian Psychological Society

Honorary Membership Secretary of the Division of Clinical Psychology
- Hong Kong Psychological Society (2010-2014)

Registered Psychologist
- NWS Psychologists Registration Board, Australia (2002-2004)

College Lecturer
- HKU SPACE Community College

Practicum Supervisor (Master of Arts in School Guidance and Counseling)
- Chinese University of Hong Kong (2005-2009)

Registered clinical psychologist


Ms Josephine Law earned her BA in psychology at University of Western Ontario, Canada, Master’s degree in Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Master in Clinical Psychology at the University of Wollongong, Australia.  She has years of experience in conducting assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapy for children and adults with a range of emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal difficulties.  Ms Law has run talks and workshop for NGOs and schools in areas including stress management, raising students’ learning motivation, managing children’s negative emotions and behavior problems, fostering children’s EQ & AQ, growth of females, and Enneagram etc.  Ms Law was also a practicum supervisor for MA in School Guidance and Counseling at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, visiting college lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Community College and HKU SPACE Community College. She is teaching at HKU SPACE Community College and having her private practice as a clinical psychologist.

羅瑞芬女士擁有澳洲臥龍崗大學臨床心理學碩士,香港中文大學碩士(心理學)及加拿大西安大略省大學學士。羅女士多年來提供兒童智力評估、治療成人情緒及心理困擾 、人際關係及相處問題。 羅女士曾為志願機構及學校提供培訓及主持講座,內容包括處理壓力、提高學習動機、處理孩子情緒及行為、培育孩子情緒智商及逆境智商、女性成長、九型人格等。羅女士曾任香港中文大學教育心理系臨床督導,並曾於香港中文大學、香港理工大學、香港城市大學、香港專上學院及香港大學附屬學院任講師。現任教於香港大學附屬學院,並為私人執業臨床心理學家。


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